March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Austin and Andrew!!!

Andrew was born March 10th and Austin on the 18th so we combined the two birthdays for one amazing ice cream party. I can't believe how fast 4 years have gone. It seems like yesterday we were bringing Austin home from the hospital. 4 later we have a house full of boys. Austin has grown into such a neat little kid, Andrew is learning everyday and well Alexander is simply a joy.

 We had a lot of our close friends come and celebrate with us. Our boys are well loved. They also got some awesome gifts like play doh, cars and duplo legos!

 I've also been working on this beauty. I bough a night stand, sanded and painted it and turned in to an amazing work bench for my boys.

Happy Birthday Austin and Andrew! We are so happy that you joined our family. You both have brought so much happiness and joy in to our lives.

We Love You!

February 20, 2013

3 Month Pictures

I love how his milestones are captured. Life moves too fast and I love that I can look back at these and remember this wonderful time!

3 Months Old!!!

Can't believe this guy is 3 months old and he is as sweet as can be. We have really enjoyed having Alexander join our family. We had a few sleepless nights but have have got a really good routine and he is sleeping through the night (since 7 weeks). He loves when his brothers snuggle with him and loves to eat and is packing on the pounds. The older boy are counting down the days until he can crawl and walk and join in on their fun.
 Alexander's monthly pic

At Home Sillies

We have a lot of fun at the Hunter home.

Bath time is a big hit with these kids especially when they get to be with daddy, he is so silly.
 Craft day: Making Valentine's cards
 Morning hair and morning cuddles...what could be better in the morning?
 These 2 can turn anything into a toy but they especially love the diaper boxes and we have A LOT of them! 
I am so blessed to have a hard working husband who works so hard and sacrifies so I can be home to witness all of this silliness.

Museum time fun

We love the Children's Museum in Olympia so much we bought passes and now we can go as much as we want! These kiddos sure do love to play and explore.

February 8, 2013

Alexander's Baby Blessing

January 5th Alexander was blessed by Paul in our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our sweet little family of 5
 The men that participated in Alexander's baby blessing:
Jonathon (JDizzle), Paul, Kai and Krin
and our trio of kittens: Andrew, Alexander and Austin.
Paul's best friend Kai flew down with his little brother Krin to participate in the blessing. We were so happy to have them come and visit. 
 Our sweet little Alexander's middle name was named after Kai. We sure to do love this guy. He has been an amazing friend since Paul was a small chap and exhibits wonderful attributes like kindness, faith and enduring to the end. We will count ourselves very blessed if these same attributes were handed down to our son.

Being Silly Around the House

I can't believe my baby is 2 months old (taken in January) time flies!
My other two kiddos love to jump into the middle of Alexander's photo shoots. They love to have their picture taken.

 I love my boys!
 Silly Bears

 Making all of my sleepless nights worth it...when I look into his eyes, his face lights up with the most wonderful smile.

I am so lucky to be their mom!

Train Expo

We were so excited when we found out that the Tacoma History Museum was having a train expo. Our boys sure do love trains and they loved every bit of it!

December 28, 2012


Like most kids Austin was so excited, waking us up earlier than normal (yawn!) We all came down stairs and tried taking turns openning presents but we ended up openning everything all at once because they both were so excited.

The kids were openning gifts from Opa and Oma. They loved their books and basketball hoop.

 Continuing my moms tradition with wrapping gifts in empty boxes you would find around the house...i wrapped Paul's Home Depot gift card in a tampon box hahaha.
 My parent's got me a book and a recipe book (love it) and Paul got me some movies, another book and tickets to see King Tut!!!
They weren't super happy that I made them take a picture before running off to play with their gifts. But afterwards they both ran off and were busy for hours afterwards playing and having fun.

 Once this little guy woke up he opened his presents too. He loved his toys that can attach to his car seat. Thank you Oma and Opa. 

The After Math!

We had a really nice Christmas. It was nice to spend it as our new family of 5. The kids are at a really fun age were they are beginning to understand and get excited about Christmas. They loved all of their gifts and there has been non stop playing in our house.

December 27, 2012

Olympia Children's Museum

Last year we bought annual passes to the zoo and North West Trek, so we thought we would change it up and get the kids passes to the children's museum in Olympia. This place is great the the kids. There is so much for both of them to do there and they have so much fun. 
 Andrew at the bakery, picking up breakfast for momma
 Fire Fighter Andrew to the rescue, he sure loved getting dressed up and playing in all of the emergency vehicles.
 Austin and Andrew working the craine delivering packages
 And after a day of hard playing Austin is working even harder serving up some lunch

We sure do love bringing our kids to different places watching their imaginations grow and their excitement.